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Michèle, Butzbach Williot
Consultant in Organizational Development and
Companies that Learn

Senior Coach specialized in Executive Team Development and Strategic and Systemic Coaching. Trainer in Human and Leadership Skills. Linguist and Educational Psychologist. She has vast experience in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction and healthcare, specializing in conflict resolution within work teams.
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Carles, Izuel Jovani
Consultant and Facilitator in Change
Management within Organizations

As a Senior Coach, he has served as Facilitator in the Transformational Coaching Program offered by Institut Gestalt. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and has dedicated his professional career to working as a Consultant for reorganization processes in numerous industries, including pharmaceuticals (Kern Pharma), computer services (IPS and ORACLE), audiovisuals (Artmood), and automobiles, among others.
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Llorenç, Torrades Folch
Facilitator in Organizational

Senior Coach and Co-Facilitator at Institut Gestalt. Certified in Transformational Coaching by Institut Gestalt and People Tech Solutions LLC (USA). He holds an ACC certificate issued by ICF. He serves as President of the Asociación de Coaching Transformacional and is also a television and multimedia system producer and director. He has worked on organizational processes in firms within the audiovisual and services industry (Panasonic). He has also participated as a Tutor in teamwork training programs at the University Abat Oliba CEU Barcelona, University of Granada, University of Cadiz, and University Jaume I in Castelló.
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David, Valls i Coma,
Consultant and Facilitator for Change
within Organizations

Senior Coach and Facilitator in the Transformational Coaching Program offered by Institut Gestalt. Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner. Trainer in NLP certification by NLPU (Santa Cruz, California). He holds degrees in Electronics Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering and has led change and organizational development processes in companies such as abertis telecom, Kern Pharma, CAFOSA GUM, Drivania International and Notegraphy, among others. He is an expert in project management and has led the coordination of sales teams at abertis telecom.

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